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    2201 W. University Ave.
    Ball State University
    Muncie, IN 47306

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  • Additional Contact Information

    Superintendent of University Schools

    Robert Marra


    • Dawn Miller, Principal and Chairperson
    • Vince Edwards, Assistant Principal
    • Abigail Comber, Assistant Principal
    • Brandi Hankins, Systems Administrator and Office Supervisor
    • Brittany Barker or McKenna Goodson, Receptionist and Attendance Secretary
    • Maria King, Financial Coordinator
    • Megan McMullen, Secretary to Superintendent and Principal
    • Lucas Reece, Technology Coordinator
    • Chad Wlodarek, Athletic Director

    Other Important Contacts

    Indoor Air Quality

    Mr. Anthony Rench, Industrial Technologist, Ball State University: 765-285-2832

    FMLA Employment Services

    Shandy Filipowski, Coordinator of ADA and Leave Administration Programs, Ball State University: 765-285-1036

    Special Education Services

    Mrs. Rhonda Cunningham, Director of Special Services: 765-285-1131

    504 Services
    • Dr. Abigail Comber (secondary), Assistant Principal: 765-285-1131
    • Mr. Vince Edwards (elementary), Assistant Principal: 765-285-1131
    Title I Services

    Mrs. Sarah Gaither, Title I Instructor: 765-285-1131

    Title II and Title III Services

    Mrs. Dawn Miller, Principal and Chairperson: 765-285-8600

    Anti-Harassment Compliance Officer (Title IX)

    Dr. Abigail Comber, Assistant Principal: 765-285-1131

    Liaison For Homeless Children

    Mrs. Dawn Miller, Principal and Chairperson: 765-285-8600

    Suicide Prevention Director

    Rachel Milligan, Middle and High School Counselor: 765-285-2341