Mrs. Phelps Art Projects for the Violin Competition

February 21, 2019

Hello Parents,

Last year in Art class, students in grades K-8 made art projects for the International Violin Competition of Indianapolis. Several of the pieces were sent to Indianapolis and 3 of our Burris Middle School students placed in the top 100 for the competition. Next month, the Muncie Symphony Orchestra is having a concert titled, Symmography (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. at Emens Auditorium with the 3 medal winners of the Violin Competition that was held in August. The MSO has as asked if the Burris students could have their artwork represented and on display at this concert. I am hoping that several students and parents still have their work from this project. If you do, the MSO and Burris Art Department would love to have it displayed again. I am wanting ALL student art work from this project. These were violin related artworks. 

   Please return you work to the Mrs. Phelps by Feb. 28, 2019 so that I can gauge how many student will be participating. 

Thank you!

Mrs. Phelps

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