About Burris

  • Exterior of Burris Laboratory School

    Burris Laboratory School is a public, K-12 school in Muncie with an annual enrollment of around 670 students.

    As a laboratory school, part of Burris’ mission is to provide a model clinical setting for preparing future teachers through Ball State University’s Teachers College.


    Burris Laboratory School was established in 1929 as part of Teachers College, Ball State University, and Muncie Community Schools. Burris was named after Dr. Benjamin Burris, who was Dean of Ball State’s Teachers College when Burris was built. Burris is the only school in the Burris Laboratory School Corporation. It has the entire state of Indiana as its enrollment district. Burris does not have a school board. The Ball State University Board of Trustees is the ultimate authority for school policies.


    Burris Laboratory School fosters a culture of respect and trust where every student is challenged to pursue excellence by engaging in a well-rounded, technologically enhanced, rigorous curriculum in a safe and secure environment. As a model school, engaged in best-practice research and the preparation of highly effective educators, we collaborate with community partners to prepare students for success in an ever-changing world.


    We aspire to be a world-class community of scholars focused on developing responsible global citizens.

  • Burris Learner Outcomes

    1. A Burris High School graduate should be a problem solver.
    2. A Burris High School graduate should be an independent learner.
    3. A Burris High School graduate should be self-disciplined.
    4. A Burris High School graduate should be goal oriented.
    5. A Burris High School graduate should have a positive self-concept.
    6. A Burris graduate should be well rounded: academically, physically, aesthetically, and emotionally.
    7. A Burris graduate should be responsible.
    8. A Burris graduate should be technologically literate.
    9. A Burris graduate should be able to communicate (read, write, speak, listen) effectively.
    10. A Burris graduate should have a core knowledge of basic skills.
    11. A Burris graduate should be enthusiastic about learning.
    12. A Burris graduate should be adaptable to change. 
  • Accreditation

    Burris is fully accredited by Cognia.

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