Burris prepares students for an ever-changing world through innovative teaching, individualized instruction, advanced classroom technologies, extracurricular offerings and more.

    Addressing Each Student’s Needs

    Education at Burris Laboratory School is based on a “full-inclusion model.” Students from across the learning spectrum are taught in the same classroom.

    While the setting remains the same, each student receives individual attention based on that student’s strengths and challenges. This approach to meeting the needs of all students is called “differentiated instruction.”


    Our current Dyslexia intervention program is Orton-Gillingham.

    Title I Support

    Burris Laboratory School strives to educate all students for academic success. Title 1 is a federal grant schools receive to meet the needs of academically at-risk students. Title 1 ensures all children have a fair and equal opportunity to obtain high-quality education to meet Indiana’s challenging performance standards.

    Title 1 Complaint Resolution Procedures 

    Title I Parent Involvement Policy

    Title I Parent Compact

    Annual Title I Parent Meeting

    LEA Report Card

    Please follow this link to view the LEA Report Card.

    Benefiting from Ball State

    In the 2016-2017 academic year, preservice teachers (teachers in training) from Ball State University logged over 19,000 hours of engaged teaching at Burris. With so many preservice teachers, Burris students have more opportunities to interact with educators and mentors.

    Learn more about Burris’s role as a “Laboratory School.”

    Creating Problem Solvers

    Burris students learn with an emphasis on “design thinking.” Design thinking involves collaboration and hands-on problem solving. Students identify challenges, gather information, generate potential solutions, refine ideas, and test solutions.

    Innovation Lab

    With support from the Ball Brothers Foundation, Burris is remodeling a space to house an Innovation Lab that will support design thinking projects.

    A High-Tech Education

    Technology is a tool that allows us to provide a well-rounded learning experience.

    iPad Initiative

    All K-12 grade students at Burris Laboratory School are issued an iPad for educational use. (K-5 students keep their iPad at school.)

    With iPads, students can use digital textbooks and research information using current and up-to-date resources. Filters and institutional device management software keep students safer while they are using their iPad online. 

    Powerschool and Canvas

    Burris students use the online learning management platforms to access calendars, grades, attendance information, check teacher communications and obtain assignments.

    Sign in to Powerschool or Canvas.

    Focusing on Fine Arts

    At Burris, the fine arts are not an afterthought.

    General music and visual arts start in kindergarten, and opportunities expand as students advance from grade to grade. By high school, students can choose from an array of course offerings in the fields of orchestra, band, choir, art, theater and computer science.

    Burris’ strings program starts at first grade.

    Encouraging Curiosity with Clubs

    A Burris education doesn’t end at readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmetic.

    After-school enrichment opportunities abound for students to pursue their own interests and mingle with peers in clubs and other programs. In recent years, Burris has had a STEAM Club, Robotics Club, Chess Club, Fitness Club, and more.