Admissions and Lottery

  • Burris student using a smart screen in a classroom

    Burris Laboratory School’s admissions procedures are intended to create a diverse student population to support its role in teacher preparation in the state of Indiana.

    The application for the 2022-2023 school year will be posted by the end of January 2022. Thank you for your patience.

    Who Can Apply?

    Any family in Indiana can apply to have a student admitted to Burris, but space is limited.

    Because Burris is a family school, the admissions process gives priority to applicants who have a sibling already attending Burris. When a general lottery position is available, siblings have first priority.

    Burris Laboratory School also offers a limited number of openings for students with high ability. Doing so upholds a long-term commitment to serve students with high ability and to facilitate research on the education of high ability students. Students applying for high-ability admission fill out a separate application and undergo on-site testing.

    Burris accepts new students each year for kindergarten.

    Transfer students in grades 1-11 are accepted as space becomes available. As with kindergarten, priority is granted to students with siblings already in Burris.

    The Lottery System

    The admissions process combines prioritized registration for siblings and high-ability students with a lottery system.

    The lottery system is necessary because demand for admission exceeds available space.

    There are three types of lotteries.

    • general lottery – This applies to applicants without priority status.
    • sibling lottery – This happens when the number of Burris siblings attempting to register is more than the available openings.
    • high-ability lottery – This happens when the number of high-ability students attempting to register is more than the available openings.

    Lottery Process

    The principal (or a designee) conducts the lottery. Applicant’s names are drawn randomly from a pool and publicly announced. Attendance at the lottery drawings is not required.

    The lottery also generates a wait list to fill openings that might occur after the lottery.

    There is no Burris Admissions Committee.

    The school will admit students only at the beginning of the academic year, unless an unusual situation arises.


    Burris does not provide transportation. Parents are responsible for getting their kids to school and picking them up on time.

    After-school care for families who need it is available from 3 to 6 p.m. at Burris through the AppleTree YMCA.