Unity Banner Comes to Burris

November 6, 2019

Last week, Burris students joined students from around the Muncie community in contributing to the Unity Banner. A project organized by Muncie high school students part of the Shafer Leadership Academy, the idea is to create something that brings together the Muncie community in a simple yet effective manner.

Five students from the local area, Emily Adamowicz, Elliott Godfrey, Emily McClure, Alicia VanDuyn, and Zayna Zebelle, came up with the idea to hang a banner in the Muncie Fieldhouse. The banner is traveling around from school to school around the Muncie community, and students from every school are placing their handprints on it.

Last week, Mrs. Stokes and Mrs. Phelps have been working with Burris students to add our contribution to the banner and our community.

Photos: Carmen Stokes, Danielle Phelps

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