A Friendly Reminder About Outstanding Fees

October 14, 2019

You will receive a fee statement in the mail from the Ball State University Bursar’s office at the beginning of each month with your child’s outstanding Burris school fee balance. The payment due date is marked on the statement. If you are on a payment plan, please remit the agreed upon payment by the due date.

Please contact the school if you are unable to make your payment. Students who have accounts that are not current will be placed on a non-participation list, which was emailed to Burris via PowerSchool alert on October 11. Students will not be able to attend dances, including prom. They also will not participate in athletics, pep band, theater productions, and field trips. Seniors with outstanding balances in at the end of April will not walk at graduation.

We want to work with families. If an emergency situation arises, please call our financial coordinator, Maria King, at (765) 285-2303 to make alternative payment arrangements.

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