A Message from Officer Clark

November 18, 2019

“Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

Parents, while observing the drop off and pick up of students I have noticed several parents and students not following the proper procedures. These procedures have been designed to keep our students safe and to keep traffic flowing smoothly. The drop off and pick up procedures have been in place for several years and we send out a reminder at the start of each school year to remind everyone. I have enclosed the maps to show the proper drop off and pick up procedures.

I would like to share some of the things that I have noticed happening.

First and foremost, students must utilize our crossing guards and follow their instructions. The crossing guards are there to get the students from the drop off points to the school safely.

The next point is crucial to the safety of our students. DO NOT drop off students in areas that are coned off. DO NOT drop off students in traffic. This means do not drop off during a red light or in stopped traffic. If traffic starts to move while your student is getting out you may be rear ended by the vehicle behind you who may not be paying attention. Only drop off in designated areas.

DO NOT park down the road on Gilbert Street and send your student across traffic to the Burris parking lot. If you would like to park along the curb on the south side of Gilbert Street and drop off make sure your student walks in the grass along the St Mary’s fence to the crossing guard at the intersection of Gilbert and Nichols.

As you may have noticed Ball Memorial Hospital has closed the north entrance to their employee parking garage. This was done because of traffic cutting through the parking garage from University Avenue to Gilbert Street. Much of this traffic came from Burris and St. Mary’s. Please do not pull into the hospital drives to drop off your student.

There are approximately 12 parking spaces along the curb on the north side of Gilbert Street. Parents can park along that curb to drop off students. That area always has open spots. Please be courteous to other parents dropping off and pull up to the vehicle in front of you so spaces are available.

Other things I have noticed, Parents and students texting and driving in the school zone. This is not only illegal but extremely dangerous. With the change in weather I have noticed many vehicle windows that are not cleared of snow or ice. Please take the time to clear windows so that you have a clear view. Speeding in the school zone. SLOW DOWN. The speed limit on both University Avenue and Gilbert Street is 20 MPH. That is posted 24hrs a day 7 days a week. Please allow extra time in the morning so we are not in a rush when dropping off students.

Finally, please take a moment to review the drop off and pick up maps and familiarize yourself with the proper procedures.

The safety of our students and staff and everyone in and around Burris is of the utmost importance to me and I take it very seriously.”

-Officer Clark

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