Lunch with Vice Principal Edwards

November 15, 2019

Every quarter, Mr. Edwards likes to have lunch with some of our exceptional elementary school students. This week, they all eat together and enjoy watching Looney Tunes during lunch.

This quarter’s students:
K: Max Ivy, Essilee Smith, Lamar Malasalih, Jordan Isom.
1st: Noah Pickering, Sofie Pannell, Myles Ivy, Sloane Shermata.
2nd: Izaiah Whitton, Brooklyn Allen, Anika Erickson, William Schaller.
3rd: Lukas Glaser, Marlowe Shermata, Marissa Hollars, Drew Murphy.
4th: Olivia Chatwin, Sam Isom, Alex Jarrett, Theah Whitton
5th: Jessica Holroyd, Micah Smith, Charlotte Reeder, Mason Trammell

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